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First 3D-live broadcast in Scandinavia
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First 3D-live broadcast in Scandinavia


Lasse KronerOn Friday 12 March 2010, the first live 3D broadcast in Scandinavia was made in Gothenburg.

The premiere programme was an episode of the popular TV game show "DobiDoo". The event was a joint production by REZQ and Swedish Television with co sponsors Lindholmen Sience Park, Centre of Visualization, Projection Design and Mediatec.

One of the largest driving forces behind 3D development today is the emerging live 3D broadcast. Several satellite and cable networks plan to start broadcasting in 2010 and the Gothenburg event was carried out in order to evaluate the chain of production, distribution and audience response.

Apart from a 3D rig from P+S Technik and encoding/decoding hardware from SENSIO / International Datacasting Europe, all the components in the production chain were standard issue SVT infrastructure. The show was shot at one of SVTs studios in Gothenburg, 3D optimised and encoded at the SVT facility, distributed on fibre to the satellite up link centre in Stockholm and down again to Gothenburg. It was finally decoded and projected in a 70 person theatre using a Projection Design Infitec system.

The audience responded better than expected and the evaluation found that the experiment had been huge success.