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Stereo 3D on the web
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Stereo 3D on the web


It is possible to distribute and download any S3D format on the web.

You Tube is currently the largest S3D content provider and it supports side by side, interlaced, columns and checkerboard formats to be displayed on 3D enabled equipments.
S3D can also be seen on ordinary 2D screens or projectors when the content is coded in Anaglyph and ColorCode 3D.
When EF Education First Ltd. launched its international “Open Your World” campaign, the web was an obvious asset.
As the target group was made up of well-informed young people, stereoscopic 3D was the obvious format for the campaign film.


Agency/Production company: Wreck
Project manager/Producer: Robert Grave
Directors: Wreck
Post-production: Important Looking Pirates
Stereographers: REZQ
Music: Carl-Michael Herlöfsson
Campaign link: