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3D Primer
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3D Primer


You need two cameras to make stereo 3D.

This is easy to understand, but, from this point on it becomes more difficult.

3D is an amazing tool to obtain a real hold on your audience. You can make them laugh more, cry more, be more afraid, learn more, buy more, and so on.
The reason for this is the enhanced feeling of presence. Seeing things on the screen the way you are used to perceiving the world around you makes it more real, more true. If you fail to do this in the right way, the audience will be ultimately bored, get a headache, feel sick or worse.

Success essentially boils down to two things:
  • Learn the 3D way of creative thinking
  • Master the fundamentals of the physical production process.


Yes, you might be able to carry out a working 3D experiment the first time you try. Doing this gives you a rewarding feeling of success.
However, once you decide to move on to the real thing, you will discover that the learning curve is very steep indeed.                                                       

In fact, the more you learn, the more humble you become about the complexity of 3D.

This is not all: the industry is evolving with huge steps right now. Each day brings exciting new knowledge and innovations.

Finally, your client and your audience are quick adapters. The first excitement of things popping out of the screen soon changes to
a more demanding approach.

So, get it right from the start.
If you do not, the verdict of your competitors will be harsh. You never get a second chance to make your first 3D production.

Our advice is to engage the services of a qualified stereographer as soon as you start considering 3D.

  • Forget your 2D way of thinking.
  • Start with a blank sheet.
  • Learn about the basic dos and don'ts.
  • Explore the opportunities.